Your Go-To Household Plant Guide

By L. Roberts on August 7, 2019

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As more and more of your friends graduate from college and move into their own places, your circle of associates will become more and more obsessed with household plants. From the health benefits to the general aesthetic bonuses, household plants are very popular with millennials. Depending on your specific situation, you might not know which household plants to buy for yourself or your friends. So before you commit a major faux pas, check out this household plant guide:

1. Plants that need lots of light:

Cacti and succulents need a lot of sunlight — every day they need to be able to soak up a least eight hours of sunshine. They basically need to be in direct sunlight throughout the day. So if you’re going to put either of these in your home (or you’re planning to give them to a friend), make sure you know exactly where to place them.


2. Plants that can survive without lots of light:

Without much plant knowledge, you might feel a bit lost. But both Philodendrons and Peace Lillies can survive without constant sunshine (unlike succulents). We know when you jump on Pinterest you see a lot of cute succulent decor, but unless you have a plan for how sunshine is going to hit it all day long, you need to stick with plants you know you can truly take care of.

When you buy indoor plants, you’re not getting them for pennies. It’s an expensive decor decision to start adding plants into the main rooms of your home. Not to mention the schedule for watering!

3. Low maintenance plants:

If you’re worried about your green thumb, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Many of us want the look of houseplants in our decor but we don’t want to have to lift a finger when it comes to caring for them. The following plants don’t require a lot of maintenance and can pretty much be left alone:

- Succulents

- Philodendrons

- Pothos

- ZZ Plant


4. Plants that will help purify your air:

Some people get indoor plants for health benefits. If you’re looking for assistance in purifying the air in your home, here’s a list of plants that will do the trick:

- English Ivy: just be careful and make sure you give it at least four hours of sunlight per day; you’ll also want to ensure you water it generously.

- Snake Plant Succulent: these are so popular for guest bedrooms, but be careful, you can over water this plant really easily. Make sure to keep an eye on your watering schedule.

- Chrysanthemums: these gorgeous blooms can really add a splash of color to any room, but be sure you place it near a big window in your home — they need lots of sunlight.

- Aloe vera: these are so handy to have around; if you or a guest happens to get burned, just break off a piece of the plant and use the aloe to soothe your burn; be sure to place in a sunny spot — that’ll help it thrive

Some tips for keeping up with indoor plant maintenance:

You want to be sure you keep watering your indoor plants — don’t forget about them! Plants in smaller pots will dry out more quickly than the ones potted in larger pots. While you want to be sure they aren’t thirsty, you also don’t want your plants sitting in standing water.

More than anything, make sure your plants are getting enough sunlight. It’s important that plants can bask in the daylight. Some need more light than others, so make sure you do your research before you fill your home with the wrong kind of plant.

Watch out for bugs! When you add plants to your home, you’re bringing in a little ecosystem that you didn’t have before. You might start finding little mites around your house – don’t freak out. As long as the pests don’t get out of hand, you’re housing a healthy relationship between the plants and their guests.

When the leaves get dusty, take time to wipe them off gently with a wet washcloth. Keeping the plants looking spiffy will ensure your guests don’t think you’ve just filled your home with any greenery you could find.

When you decide to put houseplants in your home, you’re dedicating a least a little bit of your time to taking care of them. They are living things — you do have to at least pay attention to them bi-weekly. The most likely reasons that an indoor plant would die are because of over or under-watering, too much or too little light, or just general neglect.

Adding houseplants to your home can be very beneficial, and your guests will recognize that you’re “up with the times!” If it’s important for you to adopt a look in your home that includes some greenery, use this guide to decide on the best indoor plants.

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In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her pup at the dog park and binge watching Netflix with endless cups of Hot Cocoa.

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